Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek....The "New, new generation"?

Okay, I realize I'm getting older, but with the latest Star Trek film, which opened in theaters a week ago, it seems that we're seeking to return into the early life of Jim Kirk, Bones, Spock and Mr. Scotty.  I remember watching the original TV show with Leonard Nimoy and William "Name Your Own Price" Shatner, which only seems yesterday.  Then when the first feature films came out a decade ago I thought "okay, so at least their providing some more updated visuals, etc".  Now it seems theres a need to go to the younger years of Star Trek "beginnings".  My question is "Why?"  Also, is this the end or will be see these characters crawling around in their diapers or perhaps even pre-birth?  I for one think there should be a moratorium on characters on film.  More on this later.

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