Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Every Court of Royalty Needs a Jester aka "how this came to being"

Welcome to the appendage of the Duchess of Reel, a Blogspot blog that my sister-in-law writes. This blog was actually born today, January 7, 2008, also the birthday of my brother the Doc, whom also writes a Blogspot blog titled Doc's Advice. (Note: both a great blogs, so go right away and "follow" both of them.) The birth of my blog came from a lunchtime conversation about how in my opinion, my sister-in-law only covers a small amount of films, aka "the classy ones", while many other films are never given a mention on her blog. I love reading her blog and get great ideas for films to rent and/or checkout. In the course of our conversation I counted numerous times when I said "have you seen ____" and she replied "No" or a resounding "No Way!!!". I realized that there were a boat-load of "non-classics" that I've watched and sometimes enjoyed that she hasn't seen. In the course of that I made an off-the-cuff joke about "well, if you're the Duchess of Reel, then clearly I'd be the jester of that court". In a flurry of thought I announced "I'm gonna start a blog called "Jester of Reel" and cover the movies you don't.

I wanted to "Stand up" for those movies from "artistes" by the name of Stiller, Black, Meyers, and Sandler, as well as others. What better way than to become the disjointed arm of the respected blog "Duchess of Reel"? Some of the all-time favorites of the Duchess are, To Kill a Mockingbird", Out of Africa and Moonstruck to name a few. I wonder then, what would the "all-time favorites list" of the "Jester of Reel" look like? A couple of considerations:

  • Grandma's Boy
  • Run Fatboy Run
  • Zoolander
  • Austin Powers trilogy
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Caddyshack
  • (Others)
Of course, the above isn't "official", but perhaps one or all of them might make the'll have to wait and see.

A few things to cover, include:

What this blog is: These are my thoughts, impressions, ramblings and such of movies that I've seen that likely won't win awards, except perhaps "Razzies". I reserve the right to cover any movie, including thoughts on ones that the Duchess mentions too.

What this blog is not: This is not a blog that is going to push agendas or such.

Out of crazy conversations come crazy thoughts, ideas and blogs. Please buckle your seat belts, hang onto your hats and come along for the whirlwind of rhetoric and thoughts that is "Jester of Reel".

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  1. I started laughing just reading your list of favorites...HA :) I have to admit I like a few 'Jester' category films--like 'School of Rock', 'Zoolander' and such.

    Thanks for coming on board as part of my 'Court.' Let's hope this takes us to places we never dreamed--in a good way! I reserve the right to push films on 'Jester' I don't want to watch but want to hear about. HEE.

    There must be an award out there for us somewhere....

    Princess pearls, kisses and handwaves to you--Duchess